Robinhood of South Korea

Korean television is fantastically entertaining, even if you can't understand what is being said. So, here is a video for my dad who is an archer and always asks me about hunting in Korea. There is no hunting in this video but pretty impressive nonetheless.


Back in Korea

Two weeks ago, and nearly three years to the day of my initial arrival, I returned to Korea for another go-round. At the end of my new contract I will have spent four years of my adult life living in this often crazy country. I have said numerous times and to numerous people that this will be my final stay here, but I'm not making any promises.

The past two weeks have been the typical readjustment period, both personally and at work. At school I have been working hard to learn the curriculum, the students and all of the other odds and ends that come with starting a new job. Outside of work I have been working to get my living situation arranged. Retrieving previously stored luggage from friends, stocking up on food, buying furniture, getting cable and internet hooked up, etc.

So far, I am really pleased with the situation. The job requires long hours of work, but the curriculum is well developed and clear and the students are typical of any Korean 학원. Also, my new apartment is without question the nicest, newest and biggest of all the apartments I have lived in in Seoul. Of course, these are Korean standards, so it is still quite small.

One of the first things I did after moving in to my apartment was to go in search of furniture. The apartment came with the bed, a kitchen table, a couple of chairs, a TV and a dresser. I was able to purchase the couch, armchair, ottoman and coffee table for $200US. Quite a steal considering it was delivered to my apartment on the 11th floor.

Of course, the apartment is one room with a bathroom. This is typical of Korean Officetels and perfectly ok with me as I live alone and don't need much else. One of the luxaries included in this apartment is visable in this picture and it's the combination clothes washer/dryer. Most people in Korea hang their clothes to dry and a dryer is hard to come by. Having one in my apartment is something I am very grateful for. Seoul summers are very muggy and it can sometimes takes days for hanging clothes to dry.

One of the things I love about the apartment is the view. Sure the ocean would be better, but for Seoul I'll take endless rows of apartment buildings if I can get them. Also, great about the building I live in is the Little Jakob's Coffee on the first floor. It really makes me feel at home. If only they could spell my name correctly.

I love this. I am not sure why, but having my fridge look like a closet makes me feel like James Bond.

Another shot of the room. There is a domestic airport nearby, so there are often planes flying by my window. Fortunately, they are faroff enough to not bother me with noise, but close enough to enjoy watching.

It would not be complete without a shot of the bathroom. This is also a luxury for me. It is the first bathroom I have had in Korea where the shower is separate from the rest of the bathroom. Now the toilet seat does not get wet whenever I take a shower.

That's all for today. I got lots of feedback from people in the States about the infrequent lack of updating. It seems some people actually read this blog. So, I promise to be better.