View of Gangnam

Gangnam (강남) is one of the wealthiest and trendiest areas of Seoul. I lived in an area of Gangnam last year and my girlfriend lives there now. Here is a nice view from her apartment.


Strange English II

After a self-imposed exile, I'm back with more strange English from the Land of the Morning Calm.

I have often seen the happiness of coincidence, yet failed to transcribe it on a pencil case.

A Kim Jong-Il in the making?

Plain unusual.

Is fear of a single insect more frightening than insects as a collective whole? I'm not sure, but that must be one scary insect.

Well said.

Random positive sayings....

I agree completely....

Ok. Sure.

Because you are probably the crazy person who wrote this...

Give it to me baby...

More Happy Virus....It's something like Bird Flu, minus the face masks.

Sounds dirty...


And my favorite piece of Strange English featuring my own girlfriend. Make sense of it if you dare.