Ham, Hamburgers and hot dogs...

In Korea any kind of amalgamated meat is called "Ham". This can include hotdogs, spam, or actual ham. A hot dog in Korea must be served in a bun. If there is no bun, it is usually just refered to as ham 햄. However, a hamuburger is a hamburger. So, I was surprised when I when I went into a convienece store and found this.

The packaging clearly promises a fresh and delicious hamburger. However...

It was horrible by the way.



Here are some pictures of a small alley I found. It is covered with graffitti.

One of my favorite pictures ever. I love the terrible English, the perverion and the Korean. The Korean characters underneath the writing are ㅋㅋ. That character is the sound of a 'k' and it is used in Korea much the way we use "haha" or "lol". It signifies a laughing sound.

I'm guessing this was written by SeJong A.

This image is a little hard to read. However it says something about a guy having a big dick. I know I've been in Korea too long becasue the missuse of "to" bothers me.

Don't really understand this one, but like that SEX is written in the middle.


Strange English

Sitting in my classroom recently, I noticed this strange English written on my coffee cup.

This got me thinking about all of the unusual English printed on goods in Korea. So, I started taking pictures of things around my school. There will be more soon.

A child's notebook. I particularly like "You're no match for me"

Here's a shirt a student was wearing. I had toy explain to her why it was funny and who Buddy Holly is.

One of my boys was wearing this shirt. I didn't explain the humor to him.

Another notebook.

I'll have more later, including a special on pencil cases.