Hyperion Time Lapse

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been rather passionate about film for a long time. Now that I am entering my thirties, I decided it was high time I do something about it. So, i went out and spent 840,000W ($840US roughly) on an HD camcorder. This same camcorder sells for up to $2500US in the States.

So in the vein of the previous time lapse video i posted (which was recorded with my laptop's built-in webcam), I shot some test footage in time lapse with my new camcorder. Please remember this is only test footage, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I will be out and about in Seoul in the coming weeks shooting more.

I put this together quickly, so 1) turn down your volume 2) there are some obvious focus problems once it turns to night. Anyway, enjoy!


keith/kendra morris said...

what camera did you buy? that sounds like a great deal--840 bucks for a 2500 camera. email me back--i didnt know you could buy cameras cheaper overseas...

keith/kendra morris said...

oops--i forgot--my emails km9000@gmail.com

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